Companies Incorporated within 1 minute

All types of corporate entities are incorporated immediately upon submitting the completed online incorporation form.


Corporate documents Immediately available

Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles, Share certificate and more immediately available to download and print


No Waiting for Legalisation of documents

Fully legalized corporate documents available for immediate download and printing.


Bank Account opening within 4 working days

Remote bank account opening process with internet banking, debit cards and merchant services opened within 4 working days.


Totally Online Process

All incorporation, legalisation and administration processes can be completed online via a simple admin portal.


All types of Corporate Entities available for incorporation

Ltd, LLP, PLC, IBC, Foundations, Trusts and Redomiciled foreign company and Ready Made companies all available for immediate incorporation.


Simple Business Licence applications

Managed application process for Gaming Licences, Banking Licences, Fund management and insurance licences and more


Company Number without Name

Incorporate a corporate entity with an unassigned name


Company Names with Non English Characters

Company names may include any character from any language enabling international company names to be registered


Redomiciliation and Restoration

Foreign companies can reregister online with the same name and company number. The transfer process from the existing jurisdiction is automated for easy redomiciliation.


Prestige Company Numbers

Corporate entities can select a specific or prestigious company number for a small additional fee.


Registry compliant with best anti money laundering practices and double taxation treatises

The Gambia is a white listed jurisdiction and intends to maintain it sterling reputation. Due Diligence checks and document authentication ensure the Registry maintains a high level of compliance. The Gambia has concluded tax treaties with a number of significant countries.


Authentic Document Verification Technology.

Unique tracking IDs are attached to every document generated by the registry. Document authenticity and anti-tampering can be verified online using the tracking ID.


Audits not required

Companies are not required to submit to Annual Auditing requirements in any industry unless they specifically choose to.


White listed jurisdiction with Statutory registry

The Gambia is a white listed jurisdiction, making its documents, licences and corporate entities acceptable to other international jurisdiction and regulations.


High availability of great names

All company names accepted and large number of Premium Names available at affordable rates


High Quality Company Certificates

Gold Leaf embossed certificates and apostilles


Low cost shelf company reservation

Reserve a company name at a highly reduced cost for stock purposes and only pay the difference for incorporation when the company becomes active.


Large range of additional services offered at attractive rates.

Bank accounts, legalisation , Licencing and accounting offered at reduced rates to authorised registry agents


30 Days Credit

Order new incorporations and additional services on account and pay after 30 days. As standard all resellers and all authorised agents ) will be provided a $10,000 credit limit and the limit may be extended to meet demand.


High Quality Company Certificates

Download incorporation certificates, corporate documents and E-Apostille legalised documents to print immediately onto high quality gold leaf certificate paper Provided to all authorised agents.


Low cost shelf company reservation

Reserve a company name at a highly reduced cost for stock purposes and only pay the difference for incorporation when the company becomes active.


No end user access

We will never display pricing, or allow end users to incorporate their own company’s or purchase services directly.


Rapid Account setup

All agents can setup their account online. Our support team will contact you for verification and request your documents. The Credit team will immediately create your credit account following verification.


API Integration

If you have an existing e-commerce site we have made it really simple to integrate with the icommerce registry and we provide free support to help you integrate.


Do you want to automate the registration process, but with minimal changes to your website (hosting) environment? The XML API is the right choice for you. By simply posting to our API url, you can automatically register and maintain your companies.

The XML API is also 100% compatible with integrations, such as UK
Companies House, so if you already register UK companies via API
then you can implement our API in a few minutes by just by changing the URL.


Hosting companies and domain resellers, currently using EPP to register domains, can take full advantage of a direct connection with our EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) server through an API to register companies rather than domains.

Our EPP API enables live registration from your web site without any
manual intervention! Integrating this EPP API is straightforward with
ready-to-use scripts and documentation. The EPP API is also 100%
compatible with integrations, such as EURID, so if you already register
EURID domains via API then you can implement our API rapidly.

Custom Ecommerce Site

We also provide turnkey reseller ecommerce sites.